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Police Brutality Cases in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Police Brutality Settlements - Las Vegas, Nevada. POlice Brutality Cases.

Police Brutality Settlements

Getting Monetary Compensation for Victims

Monetary Compensations - Police Brutality Cases in Las Vegas, Nevada The sad truth is that the police in Las Vegas, Nevada are not likely to change or even admit fault without the threat of legal action and large monetary compensation to victims.

When victims of police brutality in Las Vegas sue the police, the population becomes aware of what is really happening in our homes and communities.

And even more important, the police in Las Vegas are forced to answer for what they did and pay big money settlements to their victims.

Police brutality in Las Vegas comes in many forms, but two consequences are always the same:

  1. The police commit a terrible wrong on an undeserving victim
  2. And, the community is left reeling in the aftermath

Our criminal justice attorneys grew up in Las Vegas and want to see this horrible trend in police violence stop.

We believe that victims deserve monetary compensation for their injuries and justice.

Large settlements are possible in many police brutality cases.

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Police Brutality in Las Vegas - Winning or Losing?

One of the reasons why the Las Vegas police don’t easily admit their wrong doing is because they know police brutality cases are hard to win.

Not only is evidence hard to come by in police brutality cases, but the law on police brutality is chalk full of legal technicalities and defenses that can spell disaster for victims and their attorneys.

Our Las Vegas police brutality attorneys are not afraid to fight the long and good fight to make sure our clients get the justice and the money settlement that they deserve.

In many police brutality cases, securing evidence can be difficult, but we are not afraid to work hard to uncover the truth behind a police brutality incident. And, we love to win!

Kinds of Monetary Compensations

When police brutality occurs in Las Vegas the victims can be eligible for a variety of compensations.

These police brutality settlements cover:

• Pain and suffering

This money award is meant to compensate victims of police brutality for the ordeal that they were forced to endure by the hand of the police in Las Vegas. This money award can often include humiliation, embarrassment and emotionally scarring.

• Medical bills

When victims of police brutality suffer physical harm the medical bills can become extremely expensive for most of us. When monetary compensation is awarded in police brutality cases for medical bills future medical bills can also be considered.

• Loss of work and loss of consortium

The debilitating effects of police brutality can leave victims unable to work. Victims are entitled to their lost money wages as a result of missing work. In fatal instances of police brutality the victim’s family can recover money for the loss of companionship.

• Punitive damages

These money damages are meant to punish the wrongdoer. In instances of severe police brutality these money damages can be as high as 9 times the money damages for medical bills and pain and suffering.

Stopping Police Brutality in Las Vegas

Victims of police brutality in Las Vegas suffer two wrongs:

Heshmati & Associates: Las Vegas Police Brutality Attorneys

At Heshmati & Associates we know that instances of police brutality will continue in Las Vegas, Nevada as long as the police think they can get away with it.

When the Las Vegas police are forced to pay monetary compensationsto victims and their families justice begins to be served.

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