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Police Brutality Cases in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Prisoner Abuse and Police Brutality in Las Vegas, Nevada

Prisoner Abuse

Police Brutality, Prisoner Abuse and Prisoner Death

Prisoner Abuse - Las Vegas, Nevada. Prisoner abuse is one of the most overlooked injustices in the entire criminal justice system.

Evidence of prison abuse can be hard to obtain and prison abuse victims rarely get the attention that they deserve.

However, a good police brutality attorney knows how to use the system to preserve evidence of wrongdoing and uncover the truth behind prison abuse and prison death.

We understand that all prison abuse victims deserve compensation for the wrongs done to them.

If you or your loved one is a victim of a prison abuse or prison death in Nevada call our Las Vegas law offices to schedule a free consultation.

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Prisoner Abuse & Nevada State Law

The law of Nevada and the nation can protect victims of prison abuse and prison death. The State of Nevada is required to provide reasonable care and protection to inmates. This means the State of Nevada may be liable for prison abuse and prison death when the following are present:

Sometimes when a medical condition is obvious the State of Nevada is deemed to have “constructive knowledge” of the medical condition. This means even if the State of Nevada didn’t know of the condition the Court will act as if they did know of it because it was obvious.

Prisoner Abuse Comes in Many Forms

There are a number of forms of prison abuse in Nevada.

Many forms of prison abuse are not what the public would typically think of.

However, all prison abuse and prison deaths violate a person’s basic rights as a human being, regardless of their sentence or their crime. Some forms of prison abuse are when the State of Nevada fails to protect from the following:

  1. Known threat of violence from another prisoner
  2. Known or obvious serious medical condition
  3. Food borne illness
  4. Abuse and coercion from prison guards and other prison staff
  5. And, many more.

If one of these reasons is why your loved one suffered from prison abuse in Nevada then call our office to schedule a free consolation with one of our police brutality attorneys. Your loved one or his family may be entitled to monetary compensation for injury and suffering.

Prisoner Abuse & Monetary Compensation

Large money damages can be awarded when the State of Nevada is found to be responsible for prison abuse or prison death. In fact, one of Nevada’s strongest motivators to improve dangerous living conditions in prison comes from paying large money damages to victims of prison abuse and their families.

Our police brutality and attorneys are dedicated to stopping prison abuse and prison death in Nevada. We know that every family member that stands up for their victimized family in prison brings Nevada closer to reforming the often broken prison system.

Heshmati & Associates: Las Vegas Attorneys for Victims of Prison Abuse

Because prisoner safety is often overlooked in Nevada, victims of prisoner abuse and prison death need an aggressive legal representation to protect their rights.

We are willing to fight the good fight to make sure prisoners are treated humanely and with the dignity and respect all individuals deserve.

At Heshmati & Associates we provide free consultations for families of victims who have suffered prison abuse or prison death in Nevada.

Telephone consultations are also available upon request.

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