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Police Brutality Cases in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Police Wrongful Shooting and Police Brutality in Las Vegas, Nevada

Wrongful Police Shooting

Police Brutality & Police Shooting in Las Vegas

Police Wrongful Shooting Lawsuits - Las Vegas, Nevada.Police wrongful shootings are becoming commonplace in Las Vegas.

And often, sadly, with deadly consequences.

The truth is Las Vegas has far more police shootings per capita than even the largest cities in the United States.

Unjustified police shootings destroy the lives of their victims and their families and can tear the fabric of a community to pieces.

In the wrongful police shooting case one of the most important thing is that all vital evidence must be documented and preserved. Nothing should be overlooked or handled in a sloppy manner.

Our police brutality attorneys will follow up on leads to uncover as much useful evidence as we can find because we know victims of police shootings deserve justice. We fight for your rights!

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Las Vegas: Police Shootings Are More Frequent Then Elsewhere

The Las Vegas Review Journal recently uncovered a startling statistic on Las Vegas police shootings:

The Federal Justice Department recently investigated Las Vegas Metro Police because of an unusually high number of police shootings.

Consequently, the Justice Department recommended changes in police training procedures and policies to lower the number of police shootings in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The media is starting to investigate and the community is taking note. This progress was only possible because the family’s of victims of deadly force decided to fight back in court.

Reasons for Improper Police Shootings

There are a number of reasons for police shootings that could have been avoided:

If one of these reasons is why you or somebody you know suffered from a police shooting in Las Vegas then call our office to schedule a free consultation. You or your family may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injury and suffering.

Police Wrongful Shootings & Lawsuit Settlements

The Las Vegas Metro Police can settle a police shooting case for a lot of money.

But before the Las Vegas policy will pay anything they have to know that they would lose a costly court battle and a public relations disaster. Therefore, victims of police wrongful shootings and their families need an aggressive police brutality attorney who is not afraid to take your case to court.

Our police brutality attorneys are dedicated to stopping police shootings in Las Vegas.

Heshmati & Associates: Las Vegas Police Brutality Attorneys

At Heshmati & Associates we provide free consultations for victims and their families who have suffered from a wrongful police shooting.

We represent clients throughout the state of Nevada.

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