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Police Brutality Cases in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Police Dog Attacks and Police Brutality in Las Vegas, Nevada

Police Dog Attacks

Stopping Police Dog Attacks in Las Vegas

Police Dog Attacks Cases in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you've been attacked, bitten or harmed in anyway by a K-9 police dog in Las Vegas you may have a claim against Metro for police brutality.

In Nevada, police dog attacks happen more frequently than the general public realizes.

YouTube is littered with videos depicting police dogs attacking individuals.

In 2012, a K-9 police dog was shot by a fellow metro officer after biting a metro police officer.

Metro has no problem protecting their own from vicious police dog attacks.

Make sure you don’t get stuck with very little or nothing for your injuries.

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Money for Victims of Police Dog Attacks

Typically police dogs weigh more than 75 pounds, have extensive training in attack procedures and have the ability to jump high enough to bite a person in the face.

Our police brutality attorneys know that victims of police dog attacks in Las Vegas have physical and emotional scars that they can carry for the rest of their lives.

Money compensation helps with the following:

Our attorneys sue Metro and anyone else responsible to make sure you and your family get the money compensation you need and deserve.

Future medical damages and future surgeries can also be included.

Las Vegas Metro Police Dog Division

In Las Vegas Police dogs are trained to find illegal narcotics or contraband and aid in subduing alleged criminals.

Las Vegas Metro uses German shepherds as their choice of police dogs.

The Las Vegas police and other law enforcement agencies are relying today on police dogs than ever before.

Police dogs in Las Vegas can be found

This public exposure to police dogs makes the threat of an unnecessary police dog attack in Las Vegas greater than in the past.

Why Police Dogs Attack?

Police dog attacks stem from two main sources.

Typically, police dog attacks in Las Vegas do not happen unless the police officer orders it.

However, when police dog attacks happen to innocent or unintended victims it is usually due a police error.

Even if the police dog is not to blame, the Las Vegas police officer is.

Disfigurement, scaring, and emotional trauma usually result.

Sue for a Police Dog Bite

Horrible injuries from police dog attacks should never be settled for small money in Las Vegas.

If you've been attacked by a police dog the most important thing you can do is hire a qualified police brutality and civil rights lawyer.

A qualified Las Vegas attorney will be able to submit a demand to the police department for money compensation for damages sustained due to a police dog attack.

Heshmati & Associates: Las Vegas Police Brutality Attorneys

Being the victim of a police dog attack is a traumatic experience. If this happened to you call our office as soon as it possible.

Heashmati & Associates is dedicated to defending victims of police brutality in Clark County, Nevada and surrounding areas.

We offer free consultations for victims of police brutality, including police dog bites.

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