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Police Brutality Cases in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jail Neglect & Jail Abuse in Las Vegas, Nevada

Jail Neglect and Jail Abuse

Protecting Inmates from Jail Neglect & Jail Abuse

Jail Neglect & Jail Abuse Cases in  Las Vegas, Nevada. Police Brutality Cases.We all deserve to be treated with dignity. However, victims of jail neglect and jail abuse in Las Vegas are often ignored.

A good police brutality attorney knows that inmates and their families could have a strong money damages case against Las Vegas or Clark County for the jail neglect or jail abuse.

What is Jail Abuse and Jail Neglect

Jail Abuse is the action of a staff member of the jail that causes harm to an inmate.

Jail abuse is a horrible example of police brutality by those entrusted with power. Although evidence of jail abuse may be hard to come by, the money damages awards for proven jail abuse cases can be very high.

Jail Neglect is, on the other hand the inaction of a jail staff member which has caused harm to an inmate.

Simply put, abuse requires an action and neglect requires no action at all.

When you are in the custody of the State of Nevada or even the City of Las Vegas they have a duty to make sure you are safe.

When the jail fails to take the necessary steps to ensure your safety you can become a victim of jail neglect.

Budget Cutbacks and Jail Neglect in Las Vegas

While you or your loved one is in custody, jail staff and administration have a duty to keep you free from disease and harm. You must be provided with

Due to budget shortfalls and cutbacks inmates at the Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) and may have been experiencing jail neglect or jail abuse on an unprecedented basis. Inmates are not receiving adequate medical attention and their complaints for proper attention may be getting ignored by the authorities.

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The current state of the Clark County, Nevada jail system is appalling.

Even more troubling, inmates are complaining of jail neglect in that they are not being provided adequate bathroom facilities nor are they being treated for life-threatening diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, and even Organ Failure.

If you or your family member was the target of jail neglect or jail abuse while in the custody of Clark County, the City of Las Vegas, Henderson, or North Las Vegas you may have a claim for money damages.

Our police brutality attorneys can help. We are not afraid to fight to ensure you get the money compensation you deserve.

An One Inmate’s Fight To Get Medical Treatment in Jail

Jail neglect and jail abuse can happen to anyone. We currently represent an inmate who was admitted to the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada with multiple broken ribs.

This inmate made countless documented formal requests for treatment and yet received no medical attention. The inmate was neglected for more than 3 months.

Finally the inmate was released.

He immediately went to the hospital and was given extensive treatment for his broken ribs as well as other life threating ailments he had been suffering from while in custody including cancer.

This particular inmate hired our police brutality attorneys right away and now has a claim for money damages against the Clark County Detention Center for money damages due to the jail’s failure to provide with adequate medical attention and care.

Although every case is unique, many documented cases of jail abuse and jail neglect can lead to high money damages settlements for victims.

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If you are or someone you know and love has been a victim of jail neglect and/or abuse it is in their best interest to hire an attorney to submit a formal demand for money compensation..

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