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Police Brutality Cases in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Excessive Force and Police Brutality in Las Vegas, Nevada

Excessive Force

Sue for Excessive Force in Las Vegas

Excessive Force Cases in Nevada. The police officers in Las Vegas are entrusted with tremendous power.

It doesn’t take much for the Las Vegas police to cross the line and use excessive force on vulnerable victims.

Excessive force by police is not only humiliating but potentially life threatening.

The number of incidents in Las Vegas is much higher compared to the big cities such as Los Angeles and New York. The Federal Justice Department recently investigated the Las Vegas Metro Police because of the high number of claims of the use of excessive force.

The Las Vegas police have paid millions in recent years to settle excessive force claims. And it will only stop when more money is paid and more victims stand up for their rights.

Money for Victims

Victims of excessive force deserve monetary compensation for their humiliation, physical injuries and emotional trauma.

The police can owe victims of excessive force money for a variety of reasons. These include:

If you think one or more of these reasons is why the police officers used force against you, then you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

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Stopping Police Excessive Force

The media is starting to become aware of the widespread police abuse that happens in Las Vegas. Today social media - Twitter, Youtube, Facebook - are playing a stronger role in bringing police excessive force incidents to the forefront.

This has only been possible because a few individuals and their families were determined to make the truth about their experience known.

Excessive force by police will only stop when victims speak out.

Las Vegas Attorneys Who Fight for Victims

Our police brutality attorneys are not afraid to fight for you to uncover the truth.

The Las Vegas police often don't want to admit that they made a mistake. They have a strong record of denying paying settlements to victims of police brutality.

At Heshmati & Associates we care about stopping excessive force incidents in Las Vegas and fight to get victims the money they deserve.

At our Las Vegas law office we provide free consultations for victims of police excessive force.

If you or somebody you know suffered from police excessive force here, in Las Vegas, Nevada, call our law offices to schedule a free consultation.

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