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Police Brutality Cases in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Deadly Force and Police Brutality in Las Vegas, Nevada

Deadly Force

Police Brutality & Use of Deadly Force

Deadly Force and Police Brutality in Las Vegas, NevadaThe worst wrong that can happen in Las Vegas is when police use deadly force unlawfully.

A family and a community are left reeling with the aftermath.

Sadly, the number of deadly force incidents in Las Vegas has been growing steadily.

Although there are a number of reasons for this increase in deadly force the ultimate reason is the culture of Las Vegas Metro police.

And that deadly force culture can only change when the families of victims fight back in Court.

Our police brutality attorneys are not afraid to find the truth behind what really happened in a deadly force incident.

Your loved one deserves justice.

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Deadly Force in Las Vegas Should Always be the Last Option

The truth is the police have many alternatives to using deadly force.

This means that deadly force should always be a last resort in any situation.

Whenever an incident in Las Vegas leads to deadly force a good criminal defense attorney should scrutinize everything that happened both before and after the deadly force incident.

If it was the case that deadly force could have been avoided the police could be wrong in using deadly force and be liable to the victim and their family.

Causes That Lead to Deadly Force

There are many improper reasons why deadly force is on the rise in Las Vegas.

Each of these improper reasons for deadly force provides more liability against the Las Vegas Metro police.

They are often the following:

  1. Inadequate training procedures
  2. Failure to follow training procedures
  3. Overly aggressive police
  4. Bias and prejudice
  5. Culture of violence within the police force
  6. And, many more
Incidents by Las Vegas

The amount of incidents by Las Vegas police is on the rise. The media is starting to investigate and the community is taking note. This progress was only possible because the family’s of victims decided to fight back in court. But this progress is not enough. Unnecessary deadly force will not stop in Las Vegas unless the police are held accountable to their victims and the families of those victims.

Las Vegas Metro police have paid millions of dollars in money compensation to victims of excessive force. Only when the Las Vegas police pay millions more will excessive force stop by the police stop in Las Vegas.

In Courts

Las Vegas police will only admit wrongdoing if they are forced to by Courts.

Therefore, victims and their families need an aggressive police brutality attorney who is not afraid to stand up for the truth.

Our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to stopping wrongful deadly force by the police in Las Vegas.

We believe we can only be successful when Las Vegas Metro begins admitting their wrongdoing and paying the families of victims the money they deserve.

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