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Police Brutality Cases in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Civil Rights and Police Brutality in Las Vegas, NV

Civil Rights Violations

Civil Rights Law - Las Vegas, Nevada

Police Brutality Cases and Civil Rights Violations - Las Vegas, NevadaCivil Rights lawsuits were born from the federal civil rights statute known as Section 1983.

Federal Code Section 1983 was passed in the aftermath of slavery after the American Civil War.

Even to this day this landmark civil rights law allows victims of abuse in Las Vegas and around the country to sue police and prison guards for constitutional violations, such as:

At its inception, Section 1983 was drafted to give African Americans a way to challenge the justice system when government officials and employees mistreated them.

Today due to the ever expanding case laws and constitutional interpretations, civil rights law, 1983, protects all persons by providing victims of civil rights abuse, a remedy for civil rights violations.

This remedy includes money damages.

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Examples of Civil Rights Cases

A civil rights violations and police brutality claims are born when a person acting under the color of law deprives another of their constitutional rights.

Classic examples include:

Our civil rights litigation law firm in Las Vegas represents victims of police abuse and police brutality.

Our attorneys understand the federal justice system and the law surrounding civil rights law suits.

We use our knowledge to get victims money damages for police abuse, wrongful imprisonment, jail abuse, and prison abuse and neglect.

Money Compensation in a Civil Rights Case

Depending on the type of case and damage done to a victim of civil rights abuse, the victim may recover:

  1. Money damages for reimbursing of medical bills and lost wages
  2. Punitive damages - money compensation awarded to the victim and meant to punish the wrongdoer and to send a message
  3. Injunctions and equitable relief – when money isn’t enough, a judge may orders the government to do something or to stop doing something
Civil Rights Violations & Your Legal Rights

If you have been a victim of a civil rights violation in Las Vegas it is in your best interest to hire a Las Vegas local attorney to submit a formal demand for money compensation.

In many cases we can get compensation for victims of police brutality without having to go to court.

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